Inspire young minds to love learning so much they want to continually investigate, create, and innovate


I stood in front of six, bright-eyed fourth and fifth graders eager to learn physics, but as I began to explain air resistance, a concept I learned in high school, I was immediately met with six blank stares, six squirming bodies, and six disinterested looks. I was stumped. I wanted them to be as excited about physics as I was, but this was only the beginning of my journey to discover how to share my excitement with others.

I looked back at the six blank stares and remembered the exact reason why I held this summer camp. All I wanted to do was help them love learning and develop grit, so that they may overcome any hard problem their life presents them. I threw my written lesson plan aside and instead, came up with an activity for the students to do to better understand air resistance. I asked the students to design two parachutes: one that would take a long time and one that would take a short time to get to the ground. The smiling faces were back.

That night when I was at taekwondo, one of the girls in our summer camp class, who is also a black belt, came running up to me and said, “Kaitlyn Kaitlyn, I saw the air resistance when my paper fluttered to the ground after cutting it with my sword!” At that moment, I realized our summer camp could be more than just a summer camp. Our summer camp could be an ongoing class teaching young minds to love learning and solving hard physics, engineering, and math problems. And so, Love to Learn was born.


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Kaitlyn Johnson

Kaitlyn is currently an Engineering and Math teacher at Woodside High School in California. She got her Master's in education from Stanford University and her Bachelor's in engineering from Harvey Mudd College. She created Love to Learn after testing out her idea of teaching physics and engineering to elementary school students through a summer camp. 

Jeanne Loop
Head Teacher

Jeanne is a retired first grade teacher. She graduated from UCLA with a degree in communications and from UCSB with a Master's in Education. She taught for over 20 years before retiring. She loves teaching science and math to children.